Saturday, September 6, 2008

Feature Artist 3- Zahour Jewelry



Zahour Jewelry states;

I made my first piece of sterling silver jewelry when I was 15 years old in an amazing jewelry course in High School. I cast a pine cone into sterling silver and turned it into a funky hat pin! From that moment on I was hooked with creating things. I focused a lot on nature and organic pieces. I continued to learn all about casting and silversmithing techniques through high school and college. I made pieces for friends and family. Then I moved abroad and couldn't cast for several years because I didn't have the equipment, but I worked with beads and found materials while I was abroad- rocks from the beaches of Portugal, ceramic chips and garnets from Prague....etc.

When I moved back to New York I immediately enrolled in more courses and learned all about enamelling and goldsmithing. I loved the beautiful colors I could get from combining enamels and made a serious of bright vibrant necklaces that sold like crazy at my office. I finally took the plunge and started a full time business as a jeweler 2 years ago. My work is influenced by nature and space as well as the busy larger than life cities that I've lived in- Pittsburgh, London, and NYC. I like sharp clean lines and bold pieces that get noticed.

I work out of my small NYC apartment- The dining room has been converted into a studio with all my overflowing equipment! I love waking up each morning, getting my coffee, checking my etsy and getting to work!

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