Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feature Artist 2- DonnaLewis


Donna States;

I love texture. The more the better. Metal clay affords an abundance; and I am delighted. There is a sculptural quality to creating jewelry with it. A different dynamic to be sure. My fingertips participate in the creation of pieces in ways incompatible with other metal working genre. It is clearly fine silver and pure gold; and amazing. It's fresh.


Wristlinks challenged me to engage hollow forms in a less obvious way. Each large link has a business card thickness of air inside. It is pure silver and weighs 165g. Without the air it would be over 250g. It is a 2008 Saul Bell Design Award
Competition Finalist.


Loose weave shows the fluidity allowed when working with metal clay. The mixed deep texture and gentle movement of the interlaced silver makes metal feel calm somehow. I like this one on a rubber cord.

I grew up in Wisconsin and spent most of my time in the woods. Guess that is where the textural preoccupation comes from. I have lived in Arizona for 25 years now and just love it. Summer and all. What a contrast to the midwestern outdoors. I feel like Im living two lives. They both affect my work. Most of my pieces are an interpretation of all that sparks my senses.

I am a certified metal clay artisan and educator.
Teaching in the arts is like crawling through others' imaginations.

Feature Artist 1 - Neikodesigns

Neiko Design

FUMI Neikodesigns States;
We are a small (my sister and I are partners) New York based handbag design company. After finishing my accessory design classes at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), I decided to create and sell my own designs. My inspiration comes from my interests in design that may range from furniture to architecture. The name Neiko is Japanese influenced. I don't think Neiko really means anything - my intention was to come up with something short, cute, catchy and easy to remember. Currently we do not have an official "work space" - my sister and I work out of our own apartments here in New York. But ideally as we grow - we would love to have a work space outside of the home.


Our work is inspired by what we feel is lacking in today’s handbag market: an appreciation of simple, timeless form and function. We understand the importance of fashion trends but we don’t let them dictate our work, nor do we create new collections based on the seasons. After all, chairs and tables are designed for everyday use, not necessarily for a particular season. We feel that the same is true for handbags, as these items have become an everyday functional object in our lives, whether we’re carrying for work or toting for play. We strive to create stylish handbags for both men and women and for those seeking something a little different that was specially made just for them .


Friday, August 22, 2008

Set of two porcelain bowls with dots

Each of these bowls was thrown on the potter's wheel then I added individual design elements. They feel very nice when you hold them. They are made with high fire porcelain clay and hire fire blue and white glaze. They are perfect for ice cream, cereal, salsa, etc. Each bowl is approximately 2-1/2”h X 5"w. All my work is handmade with love and signed by me. Thank you for visiting my shop

Some of my favorite items from other Etsy sellers

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rectangular Large Red Checker Platter

Retro modern checker platter design to brighten up your room on a dinning table, wall or fireplace mantle. The decorative art piece is made with terracotta clay and unique red glaze. It is approximately 18”X 10-1/4”X2”h. All my work is handmade with love and signed by me.

White - Porcelain Floral Teapot

This teapot was thrown on the wheel then I added individual floral design elements. It is made with high fire porcelain clay and hire fire white glaze. The teapot is approximately 7”h X 8-1/2”w. All my work is handmade with love and signed by me

Small Red Spider Vase

This small red vase was thrown on the wheel then I added individual design elements. It is made with low fire white clay end unique red glaze. The vase is approximately 3”h X 4” w. All my work is handmade with love and signed by me.