Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feature Artist 2- DonnaLewis


Donna States;

I love texture. The more the better. Metal clay affords an abundance; and I am delighted. There is a sculptural quality to creating jewelry with it. A different dynamic to be sure. My fingertips participate in the creation of pieces in ways incompatible with other metal working genre. It is clearly fine silver and pure gold; and amazing. It's fresh.


Wristlinks challenged me to engage hollow forms in a less obvious way. Each large link has a business card thickness of air inside. It is pure silver and weighs 165g. Without the air it would be over 250g. It is a 2008 Saul Bell Design Award
Competition Finalist.


Loose weave shows the fluidity allowed when working with metal clay. The mixed deep texture and gentle movement of the interlaced silver makes metal feel calm somehow. I like this one on a rubber cord.

I grew up in Wisconsin and spent most of my time in the woods. Guess that is where the textural preoccupation comes from. I have lived in Arizona for 25 years now and just love it. Summer and all. What a contrast to the midwestern outdoors. I feel like Im living two lives. They both affect my work. Most of my pieces are an interpretation of all that sparks my senses.

I am a certified metal clay artisan and educator.
Teaching in the arts is like crawling through others' imaginations.

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