Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interview 2 - Stepanka

I am honored to feature one of my favorite artists from Etsy. I have been admiring Stepanka’s work since I joined the magical world of Etsy. Her unique designs and creative mind is always catches my eye.

I love the way she uses different type of glazes. Some of them textured, some glossy or matte, and the way she puts them together is just perfect.
I am very excited to share her interview with you. Please visit her shop to see more of her incredible work.

* Please tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Stepanka and I am a Ceramics Artist in New York City. I moved to New York city thirteen years ago from South Bohemia in the Czech republic. As a child in the Czech Republic, my dream was to move to the United States. In essence, living in NYC, the most exciting city in the world, is a dream come true.

Ceramics is something I was in love with since I was a child. My room was filled with ceramic pieces I collected from different artists. Amazingly, I never had a chance to do any ceramics growing up. There was simply no place, and I was probably not ready.

Eventually, after I arrived in NY, I realized that ceramics would be my life's passion. I am truly in love with what I do and feel so privileged to get up every morning and go to the studio and be creative.

The studio I work from is at Teacher's College Columbia University (just walking distance from my home). I manage the studio and I also teach Community ceramics class.

* What are your Inspirations?
Inspiration is a very intuitive process, it just comes.

* How did you become involved with art?
Following my heart.

* What advice would you give to future artists/designers?
Stay true to your self, follow your intuition.

* Where do you see yourself in five years?
still in love...............................
still full of new ideas
still endlessly creating
still having a great time

* Share an interesting fact about yourself?
I sew all my clothes.


Dreamy Vintage said...

Beautiful and unique shop. Great interview. I think it is awesome that you also make your own clothes :)

mehru said...

Beautiful work!! It was a pleasure to read such a nice interview..

Meltem said...

I love her work and shop! Thank you so much for this very inspiring interview and sharing with us! said...

Wonderful interview, thank you :))

TooSis said...

What a talented artist. I liked her work a lot. Thank you for introducing this beautiful shop to us...

hande bilten said...

a great interview and i love the works.. thank you very much for sharing with us..

Cinderelish said...

I just love her work. I know what you mean about the combinations of textures. She hits it right on the head. I recently bought my second piece of her work, a bicycle tumbler and I can't handle it enough.

Periay said...

lovely really. I lover her work and interview..Thank you..

redrosewholesaler 1 said...

I liked her work.