Thursday, May 13, 2010

Handmade Series 1 - EightSeasons

I have been admiring EightSeasons' bags for a while. I love the elegant and the feminine touch on all the designs. I always believed that little details make big statements. Please visit their Etsy shop for more luxurious bags and accessories.

"The bags you see have been made by my mother and me – I dance in the sky and I fantasise about what could be the coolest designs and colours. Nature is a source of inspiration for me – I just adore all of the seasons, I fully enjoy the change of the seasons and try to grasp everything inside of me. All this diversity of colours, forms and scents just bubbles inside and I simply have to share it with you, too!My bags are like a canvas onto which I paint my thoughts and visions.

But dreaming is far from being all the work, :PPPP – this sea of flowers you see on the bags is also my hard work and my effort. Still, my mother has a decisive role – to sew the whole thing together to make it the bag of dreams. Our bags are made of leather and cloth. Everything - including the flowers – is handmade by us, so it takes a little time but be patient and you will not regret it!" EightSeasons says on her Etsy Profile!


Sema Gurerk- Floweredsky Jewelry said...

I love her work. Definitely one of my favorites. Keep up the good work!

Meltem said...

I love her bags too. That white ones perfect for summer days and nights, mmm maybe I must have that purple too:)